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Boost your productivity using circle segment tools within ESPRIT TNG

To fully leverage the productivity gains that circle segment cutters provide to part manufactures, a CAM product that can effectively produce the complex tool paths, is a prime requirement. Consequently, the challenge in fully utilizing and achieving the maximum benefits of this curved cutter geometry surface is maintaining the proper tool inclination on a 3-dimensional surface.

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Improving productivity for Production Milling using ESPRIT TNG

Are you looking to improve productivity and reduce the overall cycle time for production milling? Join Ngoc-Tu Nguyen, from our Production Software - Product Management team, to gain insight into how you can overcome these business challenges using ESPRIT TNG.

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Introduction to Machine Driven Programming with ESPRIT TNG

For production of discrete parts using sophisticated multi-process machining centers, you need a CAM system that matches the innovation and flexibility of this highly capable equipment.

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DESIGNER - CAD for smarter manufacturing

DESIGNER is Hexagon’s CAD application for smarter manufacturing, enabling our customers to convert their concepts into reality.

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ESPRIT multitasking

Optimized Programming and Tool Management Solutions by ESPRIT & TDM Systems

Join ESPRIT and TDM Systems team as we demonstrate a complete manufacturing process for a prismatic part. Along the way we will highlight the latest features in the new ESPRIT and learn how to leverage advanced tool data management with TDM Systems.

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Custom Manufacturing Solutions with Willemin-Macodel and ESPRIT – Part 2

When your shop operates with sophisticated multi-process machining centers, such as the Willemin-Macodel MT Series, be sure to use a CAM system that matches the innovation and flexibility of this highly capable equipment.

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Hybrid manufacturing workflow powered by Hexagon and Meltio

Hexagon presents an hour-long webinar about the hybrid manufacturing process which combines Hexagon's world-renowned Production Machining CAM solution - ESPRIT with Meltio's cutting-edge metal 3D printing technology.

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ESPRIT & Sandvik Coromant Team Up to Master Deep Hole Drilling

ESPRIT and Sandvik Coromant team up to take a closer look at their advanced solutions for deep hole drilling as well as intersecting and cross holes.

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Next Generation Wire EDM with MITSUBISHI and ESPRIT

The collaboration between Mitsubishi and ESPRIT has brought high-performing Wire EDM (WEDM) equipment together with market-leading CAM software to bring decades of continuous innovation and advancement to WEDM manufacturing.

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