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Machine-aware CAM programming is a fundamental change in the way CNC machines are driven, simplifying the programming while increasing tool life, reducing cycle times, and improving machine performance. Unlike traditional CAM software, ESPRIT's patent-pending machine-aware algorithms use a digital twin of the CNC machine, tooling, and workholding to drive ESPRIT's most advanced and beneficial features for CNC programming, optimization, and simulation. In short, machine awareness:

  • Uses a digital twin of your CNC machine, part setup, and cutting tool assemblies
  • Powers our most advanced features from high-speed machining to post processing
  • Helps you use your machine's full capabilities 

Adaptive Machining

ESPRIT's adaptive machining cycles provide complete flexibility to perform all milling, turning, inspection, additive, and part handling cycles on any mill, lathe, Swiss-type, or mill-turn machine. This all-in-one approach provides one software and one common user interface for the entire CNC program for any machine in the shop.

  • Milling performed on a lathe; turning performed on a mill
  • Part handling cycles for any mill, lathe, or mill-turn machine
  • Machine swap
    • Part is programmed independently from the machine
    • Change the machine or change the setup
    • Everything updates automatically

Machine Swap

Machine swap: Change the setup or swap the machine, and the AI engine automatically updates the program considering the new setup and physical capabilities of the chosen machine tool. 

Setup changes: Automatic detection of setup changes such as workpiece split, reposition, eject, and transfer​ thanks to the AI engine and its machine awareness.

Short-run and production programs: When switching between short runs for small lot sizes and multi-part production runs for larger lots, the AI engine reorganizes the program to maximize process concurrency across multiple parts, therefore optimizing the total cycle time. 

Process Plans

To simplify the programming process, ESPRIT AI dynamically adapts the tools and functions available to the programmer based on the machine's physical capabilities and the job setup.  

From the process plan (part operations and part view), the AI engine automatically sequences the program for the shortest cycle times (machine operations and machine view).

  • Part View: The process plan for an individual part
  • Machine View: The program as run on the machine

Stock-Aware Toolpath

Adapting to setup and process changes, ESPRIT® dynamically optimizes toolpaths based on the the real-time state of the stock, eliminating air cuts and minimizing repositioning for optimized cycle times.

High-performance cycles, including ProfitMilling® for 2- to 5-axis high-speed roughing and ProfitTurning™ for high-speed turning, facing, and grooving, yield shorter cycle times and longer tool life by monitoring tool loads and optimizing cutting speeds.

  • High-speed machining with ProfitMilling and ProfitTurning
  • Feedrate optimization for smooth acceleration and maximum velocity
  • Rotary machining available with all machining cycles
  • Rotary solutions optimized for 3+2- and 5-axis cutting
  • In-process stock models eliminate air cuts and minimize repositioning 

Automatic Links

The ESPRIT AI engine automatically creates collision-free rapid positioning between toolpath cutting cycles. These links are optimized for the machine, tooling, and setup.

The result is automatic, efficient, and safe positioning between cutting and non-cutting operations, tool changes, and part handling.

  • Fully automated positioning moves
    • Short run links: Conservative, multiple restart points
    • Production links: Tuned for absolute minimum cycle times
  • Respecting your machines' travel limits
  • Optimized rotary solutions for 3+2- and 5-axis positioning
  • Includes RTCP links for 5-axis programming

Simulation, Analysis, Verification

See exactly what will happen at the machine before you ever cut a chip. View the entire machining environment, including stock materials, fixtures, and clamps in dynamic, solid-shaded graphics. All the kinematic action of your machine is displayed in real time, giving you an incredibly accurate verification of the entire machining process. Using ESPRIT’s built-in part inspection, you can easily compare the original "as-designed" part to your "as-machined" workpiece to assure part accuracy.

  • Simulation: Animated view of the entire machining process
  • Analysis: Detailed view of the toolpath
  • Verification and comparison: Color map of remaining stock
  • Analytics: Views of potential collisions, axes overtravel, acceleration exceptions, channel conflicts 
    • Minimum required tool length calculation allowed for tool optimization

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