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What is ESPRIT Additive PBF?

A streamlined, end-to-end solution for PBF additive manufacturing process planning, including part build and finish operations.

End-to-End Solution for PBF Process Planning

ESPRIT Additive PBF offers a unique, patented workflow dedicated to part production. This workflow has three stages:

1 Prepare

Prepare your part in the Part-to-BuildTM module (orient, support, slice); save time by doing preparation just once.

2 Nest

Replicate your parts as many times as needed in the Job module, optimizing build time and machine utilization.

3 Finish

Program subtractive cycles to remove the support and finish your part, backed by ESPRIT’s complete CAM solution.

Prepare, nest, and finish in a single ESPRIT CAM environment.

Optimized Part-to-Build Workflow

  • Saves time by eliminating the need to repeatedly define the manufacturing information 
  • Modular workflow enables highly efficient production manufacturing
  • Traceability—each build can be traced back to the original 3D CAD file and manufacturing information

Single CAM Software

  • End-to-end solution for PBF additive manufacturing in one environment, leveraging 35 years of ESPRIT innovation on toolpath planning 
  • Intelligently choose the surfaces on which to build supports, based on the subsequent surface finishing requirements
  • Full process support, from CAD to machine file, backed by world-class technical support

Assisted Part Preparation

  • Automatic support surface detection: Accurately create support surfaces based on a given orientation 
  • Assisted support creation: Intuitively generate support structures based on user-defined support parameters
  • Feature type manager: Automatically assign exposure strategies in the Job module regarding feature types

Assisted Job Preparation

  • Assisted nesting with highly accurate collision detection between multiple parametric models
  • Patterned nesting with highly efficient duplication and repetition for the entire build preparation 
  • Assisted build order to automatically assign exposure strategies

Extensive Additive PBF Ecosystem

  • Close collaboration with machine manufacturers, providing factory-certified machine files 
  • Partnership with world-leading additive research institutions, constantly creating cutting-edge technologies 
  • Dedicated to customer needs; continuously enhancing the product to suit your workflow

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