DMG MORI offers customers a broad range of products, as well as a unique market presence that includes sales and technical services, customer service, training, and technical support. At DMG MORI, even the best machine tools are only as good as the people behind them. As such, its premium product line is supported by top-notch research and development, solutions, service, and education for "360-degree support."

DMG MORI is selective about their partnerships, and they back each with its comprehensive service and warranty.

By working with industry-leading partners, they provide a total package: the broadest, most capable line of machine-tool technology and the world’s best tooling, automation, accessory, workholding, and software products, each engineered to work seamlessly with DMG MORI machines. 

ESPRIT delivers an out-of-the-box approach for programming DMG MORI’s multi-tasking machines, such as post processor writing and machine definition. Program DMG MORI multi-tasking machines with a complete, pre-configured solution developed by DP Technology. ESPRIT’s mill-turn prowess is the ultimate result of collaboration with machine builders and DP’s focused software development for this specific class of machine tools. The ESPRIT/DMG MORI cooperation demonstrates the concept of a machine tool manufacturer and CAM software vendor partnering to produce a complete solution.

ESPRIT is prepackaged to run the complete line of DMG MORI machine tools.

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