Why attend?

Each year, we do everything we can to make World a valuable investment for our attendees. Although the decision to join us isn’t always easy, you might find these highlights worth your while.


World is different each year, but there’s a common thread—a commitment to personalized training. Our lineup of class tracks includes options for your specific machine, whether it’s milling, turning, Swiss-style, or wire EDM. After a full week of rigorous training, you’ll head back to your shop feeling invigorated and ready to revisit your most challenging projects with fresh eyes.

One-on-One Sessions

Your ESPRIT World registration includes a 90-minute one-on-one session with an ESPRIT applications engineer. If you have questions that aren’t answered during class time—or if you need extra help with a specific project—your one-on-one session is the perfect time to get personalized help. Sit side-by-side with an expert and get to the bottom of your complex question.


At World, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage with the larger CNC community on your terms. From machine tool builders to software solutions, it’s all in the Exhibitors Hall.

Preparation for the Future

Are you ready for the future? With Industry 4.0 in full swing, there’s never been a better time to start looking ahead. Thanks to our classes, ESPRIT Talks, and other opportunities for engagement, you’ll learn where ESPRIT—and the larger industry—is headed. Let’s navigate the world of automation, artificial intelligence, and additive manufacturing together. 


Curious about what other people in your industry are up to? At World, you’ll have the chance to meet and network with fellow programmers, engineers, and shop managers to improve and grow your business. Face-to-face networking might just be the most valuable takeaway from ESPRIT World.


Each year, we carefully curate our lineup of industry experts and thought leaders. Our ESPRIT Talks are intended to motivate, engage, and inspire you approach your challenges differently. After all, innovation and creation are at the heart of ESPRIT World.

Need to convince your boss?

Download our editable letter detailing the valuable training and costs.

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