Willemin Macodel

Willemin Macodel

Willemin-Macodel is a supplier of cutting-edge, made-to-measure machining solutions for complex, very high precision workpieces offering high added value in industries like watchmaking, jewelry, medical, aviation and more. 

Due to the innovative configuration and complexity of certain millturn machines (508MT, 508MT2 X400, 408MT), programming and simulating using conventional CAM software can be a challenge. Without the right software to drive those powerful machines, it is difficult to fully utilize their capabilities and realize their complete benefits. 

ESPRIT engineers collaborated closely with representatives from Willemin-Macodel to create special support just for the powerful MT series. In addition to an improved user experience and the edit-free G-code long associated with ESPRIT, programmers can enjoy many other custom-tailored capabilities.

These include:

  • Allow programming of tailstock engage and disengage cycles
  • Provide an easy way to mount vise jaws on the turret
  • Offer a simple interface to set global machine settings

The developing partnership between ESPRIT and Willemin-Macodel is a joint effort to bring the best of high-precision machining to users around the globe.

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