Meet the Sponsor: ANSYS

We're excited to welcome ANSYS as a World sponsor once again in 2020. ANSYS is the leading provider of 3D direct modeling solutions that quickly solve geometry problems. Enabling manufacturing engineers to work in 3D without the need for CAD expertise is a standout feature of the program.

ANSYS makes software that's designed with machining operations in mind. The need for manufacturable geometry always exists, whether you're creating something from the ground up or editing imported files. This drives ANSYS to seek faster and easier ways to prepare geometry for subsequent machining operations.

ANSYS engineer Waled Raban exchanges with ESPRIT customers during ESPRIT World 2019.

The simple-to-use platform starts with an ESPRIT plugin that allows for rapid geometry transfer between the two products. By bringing models from ESPRIT into ANSYS, users can easily create jigs and fixtures and optimize and repair geometry prior to machining. The click button transfer creates a seamless integration between the two products.

Users often see a tenfold improvement in model processing and, as a result, are able to cut parts more quickly. Get to know more about ANSYS at ESPRIT World 2020, held from June 8 until June 12 in Las Vegas.

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