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Do you edit your G-code? How much time does it take? Does your machine keep alarming out during the test run? Have you ever crashed your machines with CAM-generated G-code? 

If these problems sound familiar to you, we've got four reasons why ESPRIT® can make your life as a CNC programmer much easier. 

  • Comprehensive CAM capabilities for every CNC machine
  • Reduce machine setup time with digital twin simulation
  • Turn-key post processors and edit-free G-code 
  • World-class technical support

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Comprehensive CAM Capabilities for Every CNC Machine

Built upon 38 years of innovation, ESPRIT is a powerful CAM system for CNC programming, optimization, and simulation. ESPRIT supports all its machining processes on every conceivable machine tool configuration, covering a full spectrum of machine types, including:

  • Mill-turn and multitasking for up to 5-axis simultaneous milling
  • Swiss-type CNC turning and B-axis multitasking 
  • 2- to 5-axis milling
  • 2- to 5-axis wire EDM and turn-and-burn
  • High-speed simultaneous 3-, 4-, and 5-axis toolpath
  • Production turning, multi-turret, and multi-spindle solutions

Not only does ESPRIT support a full breadth of all machine types, it also provides a full depth of features for each machining process so you can maximize your machine’s capabilities and take full advantage of your machine tool investment. 

Reduce Machine Setup Time with Digital Twin Simulation

Part prove-out presents a huge challenge in CNC machining. You never want to prove out the part at the machine, where a small mistake can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Instead, a digital twin simulation provides reliability and accuracy in toolpath verification and simulation of all machine tool motion.

  • Digital twin simulation helps our users reduce the machine setup time by 65% on average. It gives you the confidence to run the program and drastically reduces the number of iterations during the test run.
  • You see exactly what will happen at the machine before you ever cut a chip—and have the confidence to believe that what you see in the simulation is what you get on the real machine.
  • The setup person has a roadmap from ESPRIT’s virtual machine and can spend much less time configuring a new machine setup.

Turn-key post processors and Edit-free G-code

It is not OK to need to edit your G-code. As programmers, you understand how painful it can be to have a dysfunctional post processor. When the post processor doesn’t work, it takes a long time to edit the G-code and you also need to redo the whole process over and over again whenever you make revisions to the part geometry/machine setup.

  • ESPRIT is well known in the industry for generating edit-free G-code
  • ESPRIT experts have worked directly with machine tool OEMs and customers for more than 20 years to perfect the factory-certified post processors for more than 3,500 CNC machine models

World-Class Technical Support

At ESPRIT, we pride ourselves on providing the best technical support in the industry. With a response time of under 30 minutes, our specialists go beyond the software to understand your processes, workflow, and machine tools. We want our customers’ machines to start running as soon as possible and keep running at the highest efficiency. 

Support is key to the success of any company, whether it’s mechanical support for your machine tools or technical support for your software. Partners like DP Technology, with their terrific technical support team for ESPRIT, have proven to be a valued asset.
John Hebert, Engineering Manager, Arundel Machine

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